Come get’cha some BBQ and walk away with stick-e fingers!

Top 10 BBQ tips from Stick E Fingers Pitmaster

What is good BBQ?

Good barbecue is many different things all happening in combination at the same time:
Tenderness, Bark, Rub, Flavor, Rendered fat, smoke ring and or smoke flavor.

  1. Use a good wood to match the meat your cooking
  2. Do not use a propane grill
  3. Do not use lighter fluid to light your coals, if you do let it completely burn off. We recommend a wax cube or tumbleweed; both are sold in most stores.
  4. Keep the lid on your BBQ closed, if your look’n you ain’t cook’n
  5. Let all meat rest prior to cutting. The longer the better
  6. Trim the excess fat off your meat but not too much, fat is flavor
  7. Keep your equipment clean, do not use chemicals to clean your grill or smoker
  8. Use good seasonings. You want seasonings, not just a salt rub. Watch out for MSG and please check out our line of rubs below.
  9. Low and slow. It may take longer but the final product is better.
  10. Use a water pan, as this will help keep your meat moist throughout the cooking process.
  11. Ok…One more, consistency. Your meat needs to cook consistent, running your smoker high in temp, then way low and back up again, not good. Keep that same temps throughout the cook.

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