Come get’cha some BBQ and walk away with stick-e fingers!

About Us

Chad grew up as an Oregonian. He graduated from Hudson Bay High School in Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia river from Portland, Oregon. Chad started as a law enforcement explorer with the Clark County Sheriff’s office and was later hired by the Battle Ground Police Dept. Chad later found his calling when he was hired on as Christmas seasonal help at a local grocery store, big box retailer, working in Loss Prevention. After the holidays Chad was called back to work undercover as a Loss Prevention employee. Chad worked several years in several different cities around Portland and Vancouver catching shoplifters.

After becoming a Loss Prevention Manger, Chad took a promotion as a Loss Prevention trainer in the Seattle area. His girlfriend at the time went with him and later became his wife. Now living in the Seattle area, he traveled around the pacific Northwest training Loss Prevention employees. He was then promoted to a Regional Manager in Seattle. In 2012 Chad was contacted by another grocery retailer and accepted the position of Loss Prevention Director located in Medford Oregon. Chad and his family moved from Seattle to Eagle Point, Oregon and fell in love with the area.

Chad has been asked, how did you come up with the Stick E Fingers BBQ idea? “If you put people and BBQ together you make lifelong friends” I have always wanted to start my own business, but just did not have the courage to pull that trigger. It certainly was not for a lack of trying and thought process. The initial idea came to him during a ride to Sturgis South Dakota one year. Chad had been riding his Harley Davidson to the Sturgis Rally since 1990. It was on one of them long stretches of road in Montana, thinking and thinking and thinking. Asking himself “what is next?”. People always told him he made good BBQ, that is when it hit him. It all came to him in one engine revolution, that’s how Stick E Fingers BBQ was born. His brain started running as fast as his motorcycle motor. T-shirts, BBQ sauce, wood for smoking, BBQ events, rubs, a website, business cards, bumper stickers, banners and smokers, a big smoker. “I still remember when it hit me, it was odd, but all I could think was BBQ when I started to lay off the throttle and dream…..just in my own world, thinking BBQ and looking out into the prairies. I started to fall further and further behind my group of friends. This repeated over days and several gas stops. Chad, your falling behind….You day dreaming or something back there, it’s like your “just la de da” ridding way back, then you snap back and speed to catch up, then back at it. He didn’t tell his friends at the time, but yea, he was dreaming all right, dreaming of how I can make some damn good BBQ for some damn good friends. I told myself I was going for it. I got home and did just that.

I thought that if I can take my Loss Prevention career from where I started to where it is now, then by God I can take this BBQ business to the next level as well. And that’s what I did. I started Stick E Fingers BBQ. The rest is history. I guess I owe a lot to my mom and dad, my mom was a great cook and damn I love food. For my dad, a good work ethic, business and money management. Chad has been able to prefect his own rubs and sauces over the years and has now taken them to market. Stick E Fingers BBQ has a full line up of rubs and soon will have a line of BBQ sauces.

So here we are today still catching bad guys and slinging some damn good BBQ.

Thank you to my Wife Audrey, son Cody and daughter, Kady.