Come get’cha some BBQ and walk away with stick-e fingers!


You have seen our award-winning BBQ rubs, sauces… and now, on the go cigar cases with a built-in humidor!

We love to smoke, BBQ that is…. However, from time to time we also enjoy a cigar and a good whisky together.  We call this the other kind of smoking.

As you know smoking BBQ is not fast. In fact, we like it low and slow, for hours and hours.  I will be honest with you, with what I do for my full time job, I people watch.  No, I am not that kind of guy.  Check out my About Us page and find out why I people watch; I have been doing it for over 30 years and love it. 

I guess for some people it would be boring or like watching paint dry, just sitting there for hours and hours just watching someone, something. 

What’s gonna happen, when will it happen?  Honestly, it’s like my smoker, I could sit in front of that thing all day and watch the fire and temperature gauge on it.  Thinking when will it be done, how much longer will it take, how is it gonna taste?  It is all the same but totally different. 

Ok, enough about that, let us talk cigars.  So, I find myself smoking BBQ more than smoking cigars. So, when I desired to have a cigar, the ones I had were old and dried out.  It was disappointing because I would attend a cookout, competition or just a backyard BBQ with friends.  I wanted to share a cigar with them but found myself with ones that were just kept out of the humidor to long.  So, yea, I could buy a “on the go” humidor, but the ones I found were cheap, ugly, lacked robustness and were NOT made in the USA.  So, I made my own. 

We produce some of the best cigar tubes around.  We use thick anodized aluminum body with precision milled aluminum caps.  Our bottom plates give that watertight seal.  Our top and bottom plates are pressed on and glued.  We supply each tube with a humidor pack giving your cigar optimal moisture content. 

We can custom make any length tube you need, for just a few dollars more.  We have made them up to 4 feet long (fishing pole tubes).  We have also made smaller ones for our family pets that have gone to the other side.  Many people have used them after having us engrave the top for an urn for their pet.  Very professionally done.  We can engrave the top or bottom and do most any custom wording.  The come in 2 and 3 inch round tube at any length.  For an additional feel we can powder coat the outside tube. 


  • Tubes are all 7 inches long and come in 3″ or 2 1/2″.
  • We can also make custom sizes tubes longer or shorter than 7 inches.
  • All tubes are anodized silver with golden/brass color top and bottom. They can also be ordered in silver top and bottom.
  • Free shipping on 10 or more tubes.
  • 10% off for Law enforcement, fire fighters, medical, and armed forces.

Custom Engraving and Pricing

  • Cost for tube $50.00 Plus shipping
  • Cost for custom tube, starts at $50.00 and goes up.
  • Engraving is $20.00
  • Please use the form at the bottom of this page for custom orders or engraving.

All orders come with a free Humidity Control Pack…..

Stable Humidity – 69% preferred RH level and 2-way humidity control does the rest. Whether it’s a large or travel-sized humidor, regular tobacco or fine Cuban cigars, Schmécké offers humidity packs at the RH you need.

Preserves Flavor – Proper storage is important in preserving a cigar’s flavor. Too dry and it burns too hot. Too humid, and risk cigar beetles and loss of flavor. Schmécké humidity packs make it easy to regulate humidity and preserve the integrity of even the finest cigars.

Zero Guesswork – Schmécké takes the guesswork out of relative humidity control. Just place a pack directly inside your humidor and reverse osmosis technology regulates humidity at the optimal level.

Long Lasting – Each packet lasts about 2–4 months in a sealed humidor – up to half a year of guaranteed fresh cigars. When the pack becomes stiff, ridged, and inflexible, it’s time to replace. Unfinished or unused packs can be stored in a resealable bag for up to 2 years.

100% Natural Ingredients – Schmécké Humidity Control Packs are all-natural and free of chemicals. That means you can breathe easy, knowing that no unnatural ingredients or fumes come in contact with your cigar collection.

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