Come get’cha some BBQ and walk away with stick-e fingers!

Pear Wood & Why We Use It

I love pear wood for smoking.  It is what I call the underdog in the fight over wood.  It is that wood you do not hear much about.  Of course, you hear people using apple, cherry, and oak, but when it comes to pear wood it is the silent wood.  Why?  Well, I feel that it is your region where you live.  You’re going to use the wood that is abundant in and to your area. If you live in, say Texas, you are going to use a wood that grows abundant to your area, post oak and mesquite.  What can you get your hands on easy and at a low cost to you?  Where I live, Southern Oregon and specifically to the Rogue Valley, we are the pear capital of the US (thanks to the Harry and David company).  However, with that said, now a days, you can smoke with just about anything you want.  I can run down to the local grocery store and buy a bag of wood, pellets, chips, chunks, or shavings in any wood flavor, in fact some bags are even mixed.  Sticking to one wood will help you understand how the wood burns, type of smoke moisture content and temperature.  So, sticking to one or two different woods, like one for pork and one for beef, will and can help you with understanding the wood and your fire better.  However, in the end, just use what you feel bring you the best tasting BBQ and what you feel comfortable with.       

Pear Wood is a dense mild wood.  It is a heavy wood like oak.  With regards to taste it is very similar to apple and pecan.  Pear wood is a very sweet wood that will give you a lighter smoke and works best with pork.  Excellent for Grill Top smoking and large smoker applications.