Come get’cha some BBQ and walk away with stick-e fingers!

Author: matt

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The Other Type of Smoking Carry Your Cigars With You In Style We now offer our custom made on-the-go humidor cases! Over the years of smoking our BBQ, we like to enjoy a cigar at the same time.  However, being tired of stale, dry, and broken cigars, we came up with an eye-catching cigar tube.  […]

Smoke With Locally-Sourced Pear Wood

Pear Wood is a dense mild wood.  It is a heavy wood like oak.  With regards to taste it is very similar to apple and pecan.  Pear wood is a very sweet wood that will give you a lighter smoke and works best with pork.  Excellent for Grill Top smoking and large smoker applications. 

Creating Mouthwatering Meat at Excellent Prices

I have spent years researching what I think tastes great on BBQ.  I have tried just about everything I can think of including tossing in the kitchen sink a few times.  One thing that I learned is that everyone has a different palate for taste.  So I have come up with a taste that I […]

Top 10 BBQ tips from Stick E Fingers Pitmaster

Good barbecue is many different things all happening in combination at the same time: Tenderness, Bark, Rub, Flavor, Rendered fat, smoke ring and or smoke flavor.

Which Types of Wood are Best to Smoke With?

A look back at all the competitions we were able to attend in 2019.

Award-Winning Southern Oregon BBQ Rubs

2019 & 2020 Awards Tri-tip judged event – 1st placeTri-tip people’s choice – 1st placeRibs peoples choice – 1st placeRibs judged event – 1st PlaceBratwurst category – 1st placeBreakfast category – 1st placePork tenderloin – 2nd placePork Belly – 3rd placeMost enthusiastic BBQ team – Bacon & Barrels